Building for the Future Limited

Building for the Future Limited [UNITED KINGDOM]

Lisa Hall
Address: c/o NAPIT
4th Floor, Mill 3
Pleasley Vale Business Park
NG19 8RL


Partner Description
Building for the Future is a partnership of public and private bodies, organisations and companies in and around Sheffield. The consortium comprises technology companies, Sheffield's two universities, Sheffield City Council and a number of professional advisory firms. As such it is able to provide a forum to instigate change across a wide range of stakeholders. The company was incorporated in order:

  • to create an economic, social and environmental model of modern development that will strengthen local communities and enhance local authority health and security services;
    to design, build and (possibly) operate a fully sustainable mixed use community development;
  • to be inclusive and foster collaboration, in particular between private industry, higher education and research institutions and local and regional government;
  • to strive towards true sustainability by underpinning the development with an IT infrastructure, ensuring cohesive communication that will lead to a more integrated approach to all aspects of modern life.