Case of the month - Koprivnica

The Bold New Face of Koprivnica (Croatia)
Koprivnica (Croatia)
Establishment     2011
Koprivnica City Council
Territorial scope
City of Koprivnica

Target buildings  




Public buildings

 New buildings    

Private buildings
 Existing buildings
 Industrial, services, etc.

Main Targets 

  • 50% of all new homes and public buildings built by 2020should be energy efficient;
  • Reach 15 kWh/m2 consumption for energy use on heating and cooling for all new buildings built by 2020, exceeding the current 60-100 kWh/m2 for energy consumption required by the national regulations;
  • 70% reduction in energy consumption in all existing municipal buildings that are planned to be retrofitted until 2020.

A new development policy is being adopted by the city of Koprivnica since 2011,  establishing new standards for the energy efficiency of its building stock and requiring that both new and existing buildings into retrofitting processmeet low-energy or passive building standards.

In addition to energy efficiency construction measures, the Bold New Face programme aims to connect the sustainable development approach into all aspects of planning and living in a sustainable city environment: sustainable urban planning and land use; use of renewable energy sources; efficient use of water; sustainable wastewater management; sustainable transport; and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Bold New Face Development context

To retain and attract population to the city of Koprivnica, the Bold New Face program is using a green and sustainable city concept to attract and provide a new culture of living in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment.

Released by the city government, in a period when the first energy-efficient houses were constructed, this ongoing development program aims to apply principles of energy efficient building to all new and retrofitted building stock in order to reach high energy-efficiency targets.

The program focuses on four main objectives in building construction and renovation:

  • The construction of a pilot green neighborhood of energy-efficient blocks, flats and family houses;
  • A green public complex Campus for the future University of Koprivnica;
  • Energy efficiency measures in all new public buildings constructed;
  • Incentives and subsidies for low-energy buildings financed by private investors.

In addition to the energy efficiency construction measures, the key elements of the Bold New Face program are continuous education, participation in international projects and application of EU and national funds. It aims at pursuing a corresponding business concept as well as effective networking among municipal administrative capacity, municipal enterprises and agencies.

Pilot demonstration projects

Alongside with other municipal projects comprised in the sustainable development approach of the Bold New Face programme, the major high energy-efficiency targets were implemented and demonstrated in two big development projects: the Green Residential Neighborhood Lenišce - East” and the complex Campus for the future University of Koprivnica.

The green residential complex consists of 7 blocks of flats, 12 three-flat town houses and 12 individual houses.  The construction of all these low-energy buildings were carried out with a specific national programme for subsidized housing construction of the City of Koprivnica, providing prices by flat less than 1000 EUR/m2. Such concept of low-energy construction has brought the fulfillment of new demanding criteria - “best buy” or “best quality for best price”, and the grant funding programme brought to flats buyers the capacity to pay low-interest mortgage installments over 30 years.

The Campus project was a more ambitious application of a comprehensive range of possible measures of sustainable construction, including: energy efficiency in building construction; application of renewable energy sources; sustainable wastewater management; and sustainable transport. Formed on the totally transformed territory of a former army barracks, the complex Campus was designed to fulfill an ambitious version of a zero-emissions urban development that can apply EU funds financing.

Financial measures to encourage the buildings energy efficiency

The major financial measures to encourage the energy efficient construction arise from the decision on the municipal contribution to the City of Koprivnica, establishing that:

  • Investors who build passive houses and energy class A+ residential buildings will receive subsidies of 100% of utility contributions;
  • Investors who build low-energy class A buildings will receive subsidies of 50% of utility contributions;
  • Investors who use solar systems (photovoltaic panels on rooftops or on parts of existing buildings) for energy production, will receive an incentive of 0,52€ per installed watt (W) of power;

The measure for the incentive of 100% of utility contribution for the construction of passive houses represents the strongest message to the citizens and other investors. If the entire energy savings provided by a passive building are included, this measure enables the construction of a passive house with almost the same investment as a conventional construction.

With these measures the city of Koprivnica disclaims a series of short-term benefits in order to achieve significant long-term benefits in the overall energy efficient and self-sufficient city.