City of Mizil

City of Mizil [ROMANIA]

Petronela Sturz
Address: 14 Unirii Bd
105800 - MIZIL
Phone: (+40) 244 250551
Fax: (+40) 244 250551

Partner Description

The Municipallity of Mizil signed the Convenant of Mayors on the 13th of June 2008. As member of the Convenant the City of Mizil formulated a Sustainable Energy Action Plan with measures in the following areas: buildings, equipment/facilities, local electricity production, local district heating/cooling, land-use planning, public procurement of products and services, working with citizens and stakeholders. The Local Council is formulating the local policies implemented in the City. The Sustainable Energy Action Plan was approved by the Local Council which is also interested in approving all connected measures that could assure the successful implementation of the plan.

The City of Mizil has a good experience in promoting energetic audits for residential buildings sector, but also to retrofitting existing buildings, supporting with 20% in the first stage of the project and then with 33% of the retrofitting total amount.

The partner will contribute to the content of the cooperation through the detailed analysis and summary of existing situation (the self-assessment report), the identification of good practices (good practices guide) to be shared, and the production of its Regional Implementation Plan. The municipality would like to develop and implement green building projects, targeting new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings, especially for public supported projects.

One of main goal of the municipality, involving in this project, is to promote green public procurement measures.