Events: 2013

5-7 Mar   ECOBUILD  
    London, United Kingdom  
6-7 Mar  

3rd RE-GREEN Study Visit

    Extremadura, Spain  
16-19 April   7th European Conference on sustainable cities & towns  
    Geneva, Switzerland  
24-26 April SB13 Munich - Implementing sustainability - Chan(g)ces  
    Munich, Germany  
8 May  

4th Study Visit / 2nd RE-GREEN Interregional Workshop

21-25 May
  SB13 Oulu - sustainable Procurement in Urban Regeneration and Renovation - Regional Conference
    Oulu, Finland
10 June   Sustainable and innovative refurbishment and retrofit   
    Think Low Carbon Centre, Honeywell site - Barnsley, United Kingdom  
26-28 June   CESB13 - Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building 2013  
    Prague, Czech Republic
03-04 July  

5th RE-GREEN Study Visit

    Tartu, Estonia  
10-12 Sep.

6th RE-GREEN Study Visit / 3rd RE-GREEN Interregional Workshop

    Dublin, Ireland  
11-12 Sep.   Sweden Green Building Conference  

Stockholm, Sweden

16-20 Sep.   World Green Building Week  
    World level  
20 Sep.   BGBC Green Future
Varna, Bulgaria  
26-28 Sep.   SB13 Graz - International Conference on Sustainable Buildings - Construction Products and Technologies  
    Graz, Austria
2-3 Oct.   Green cities & Sostenibilidad Forum – Smart solutions to urban sustainability

Malaga, Spain
4-6 Oct.
Building Green Expo 2013  

Athens, Greece

16-19 Oct.   Better Building & Smart Cities  

Bologna, Italy

30 Oct. -1 Nov.   Portugal SB13 - Sustainable Building Contribution to Achieve the EU 20-20-20 Targets  
1-11 Nov.   Portes Ouvertes Écobâtisseurs  

Wallonie and Bruxells, Belgium

14-15 Nov.  

E-Nova 2013: Sustainable Buildings International Congress


Pinkafeld, Austria