Events: 2012

05-07 March   Green Cities  
    Sydney, Australia  
08 March
Road to Rio +20
    Houston, USA  
09-12 April   Expo Build China 2012  
    Shangai, China  
09-11 May   Annual Rendezvous - Energy Cities  
    Guimarães, Portugal  
12-15 May   Resilient Cities 2012- ICLEI  
    Bonn, Germany  
04-05 June   RE-GREEN 1st Study Visit    
    Grenoble, France  
12-14 June   UNEP-SBCI 2012 AGM & Symposium - UNEP-SBCI  
    São Paulo, Brasil  
14-18 June   ICLEI World Congress 2012 - ICLEI  
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
18-20 June   World Green Building Council Congress 2012  
    Stuttgart, Germany  
19-22 June   EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012  
    Brussels, Belgium  
19-22 June   Heritage 2012  
    Porto, Portugal  
20-22 June   Rio +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development - UN  
    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  
28-30 June   Smart and Sustainable Built Environments 2012  
    Malaga, Spain  
13-14 September   European Conference on the Sustainable Renovation of Buildings  
    Karlsruhe, Germany  
19-20 September   EcoProcura 2012  
    Malmo, Sweden  
20-22 September   Congresso de Inovação na Construção Sustentável - CINCOS 12 -Cluster Habitat  
    Aveiro, Portugal  
24-26 September   RE-GREEN 1st Interregional Workshop and 2nd Study Visit    
    Potsdam, Germany  
05 October   PassiveHouse Symposium 2012  
    Brussels, Belgium  
05-07 October   Building Green 2012: 5th Eco Building Conference  
    Athens, Greece  
10-12 October   International Green Building Conference 2012  
    Singapore, China  
13-15 October   Saudi Green Building Forum  
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  
18-19 October   Building Sustainability Sweden 2012  
    Stockholm, Sweden  
22-25 October   Singapore International Energy Week  
    Singapore, China  
23-25 October   GBC South Africa Convention and Exhibition  
    Cape Town, South Africa  
23 October   International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency  
    Bucharest, Romania  
25-26 October   Local Renewables 2012 -ICLEI  
    Freiburg, Germany  
07-08 November   Ukpassivhaus Conference 2012  
    Nottingham, United Kingdom   
07-09 November   Green Cities - 2nd Trade Fair on Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Urban Spaces  
    Malaga, Spain  
08-09 November   Future4Build  
    Warsaw, Poland  
13 November   Sustainable construction and renovation is the route towards a low carbon economy  
    Brussels - European Parliament ROOM ASP5E2, Belgium  
14-16 November   Greenbuild International Conference and EXPO 2012  
    San Francisco, USA  
22-23 November   E-nova International Congress 2012 - Sustainable Buildings   
    Pinkafeld, Austria  
26 Nov. 07 Dec.   COP 18 United Nations Climate Change Conference  
03 December   Training Local Authorities and Private Property Owners in Retrofitting Heritage Buildings  
    Hotel Silken Berlaymont - Brussels, Belgium