Kindergarten Markovci

Markovci, Drava Region
Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje, Municipality of Markovci, project engineering companies (MProjekti Matej Roga? s.p., Esplanada d.o.o.).

Built between 2012-2013


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Main Results

  • An highly efficient annual energy consumption of 32 kWh/m2/year funding by the Municipality of Markovci;
  • The contribution of a ventilation system with recuperation provided a 83% of efficiency recuperation;
  • The building meets the standards of “PURES 2010” (Buildings requirements of the Slovenian EPBD recast transposition).

Built on the assumptions of low-energy and passive construction standards, the new wooden kindergarten in Markovci represents the biggest and the most friendly municipal facility investment, partly financed by means of Slovenia Eco Fund grants, for energy performance certification purposes.


Project details

Located in the small municipality of Markovci in northeastern of Slovenia and included in the Drava statistical region, the new kindergarten municipal facility represents the main infrastructure investment in the history of the county, accounting for an investment superior to two million euro.

The highly insulated wooden assembled structure and walls provided the first low-energy and passive kindergarten building which provides low levels of energy consumption – 32 kWh/m2/year. At nearly 2000m2 of built area divided on two floors were placed nine compartments above standard square meter sports center space, dividing kitchen and several service rooms fully equipped with indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

The obtaining of reference levels of environment and energy performance certification contributed for the construction of the municipal pilot projects with funding support of a grant from the Slovenia Eco Fund.

In terms of policy context, the project was implemented under Slovenian standards and regulations, such as “PURES 2010” and Slovenian Energy Law. PURES 2010 comprises the Slovenian EPBD (Energy Performance Buildings Directive) Recast transposition on the setting of minimum requirements for very low energy new buildings and public buildings, while the Slovenian Energy Law is an energy policy to promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources that contribute to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce the greenhouse effect.