Lead Partner
INTELI - Intelligence in Innovation, Innovation Centre [PORTUGAL]

Inês Vilhena da Cunha
Address: Av. Conselheiro Fernando de Sousa, nº 11, 4º
1070-072 - LISBON
Phone: (+351) 217 112 210
Fax: (+351) 217 112 220

Partner Description

INTELI - Intelligence in Innovation, Innovation Centre is a Think-and-Do Tank oriented to the definition, development and implementation of innovation policies. Its core aim is to contribute to a creative and innovative society, envisaging a sustainable economic and social development.

INTELI positions itself as an interface between public policies and corporate strategies by supplying advanced knowledge, deep thinking and public debate to support decision processes among the most relevant stakeholders in economic and social development. INTELI acts in three different ways:

  • PERMANENT GENERATION OF NEW IDEAS for the strategic development of companies and sectors
  • DEFINITION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF STRATEGIES and innovative and mobilizing projects focusing on the development of sectors, technologies and territories in order to promote wealth and wellbeing
  • BROAD INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS NETWORK, including political stakeholders, universities and companies, in order to promote the discussion of new ideas and implement innovative and comprehensive projects