AGENEX - Extremadura Energy Agency

AGENEX - Extremadura Energy Agency  [SPAIN]

Martín Cobos Rodríguez
Address: Av. Antonio Masa Campos, nº 26
Phone: (+34) 924 262 161
Fax: (+34) 924 258 421

Partner Description

The Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) is a non-profit private organization created in 2001 thanks to the Intelligent Energy Europe programme with the aim of promoting renewable energy sources, improving of efficiency and energy saving measures and promoting energy planning at regional and local level.

AGENEX has nowadays a staff of more than 30 graduates, mainly industrial engineers, with specialized training in renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The daily fields of activity of AGENEX are:
  • INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS. AGENEX is currently involved in the development of more than 15 international projects, funded by EU programs such as LIFE, INTERREG, IEE, Life Long Learning, European Social Funds, etc.
  • TRAINING. In 2010 and 2011 AGENEX has developed training seminars which more than 4.400 technicians.
  • POLICY PLANING. AGENEX supports the Extremadura Regional Ministry of Industry, Energy and Environment in the implementation of national policies in Extremadura.
The partner will contribute to the content of the cooperation through the detailed analysis and summary of existing situation (the self-assessment report), the identification of good practices (good practices guide) to be shared, the production of its Regional Implementation Plan.

The close relationship between the Agency and the Regional Government will facilitate the transfer of information related with the project in both directions.