Municipality of Dabrowa Gornicza

Municipality of Dabrowa Gornicza [POLAND]

Patrycja Zytkowska
Address: GRANICZNA 21
Phone: (+48) 32 295 96 78
Fax: (+48) 32 295 96 92

Partner Description

As the greenest city in the whole Upper Silesia region (southern Poland) D?browa Górnicza may be considered its recreational base. It enjoys versatile landscape: on the one hand - industrial plants (including the ones of historic value), on the other - many picturesque recreational areas (clear artificial lakes, woodlands and parks) and the only desert in Europe. Combined with rich cultural offer and modern facilities such as water park and sports arena, it can really surprise you with a variety of ways to spend your leisure time. Until recently, the city has been associated with heavy industry, but today it is going green to become a place ideal for outdoor leisure activities.

Local authorities plan for the future of our community with care and vision, investing in city's development and striving to improve the condition of the natural environment. Last years'  achievements embrace:
  • large scale investments in enhancing water condition and increasing the number of households connected to the sewage system
  • joining the Convenant of the Mayors and working on putting into practice the Sustainable Energy Action Plan
  • the successful programme of buildings' thermo-modernization resulting in considerable energy savings
  • introducing a comprehensible monitoring and remote control management system of energy, water and gas fuel use in two community buildings (enabling to set usage limits and react to any emergencies in real time, e.g. cutting the supply immediately)
  • community initiatives to spread eco-awareness (family festivals and workshops, "exchange used batteries for a tree plant" actions, a successful and long-term project giving school pupils a hands-on experience in day-to-day activities aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, etc)