RE-GREEN Objectives

The project aims at improving regional development policies oriented to the promotion of green regions within the new paradigm of the Green Economy, with a special focus on greening the building sector through the enhancement of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies, stressing its importance as an incubator for new markets in the field of energy, technologies, services and business models.

The initiative will be specifically centred in green public procurement policies, providing inputs to the revision of the European public procurement framework, in line with the Green Paper on the Modernisation of EU Public Procurement Policy towards a more Efficient European Procurement Market, currently under public consultation.

The specific project’s goals will be:

  • to understand the role of the building sector in the “Green Economy” framework;
  • to identify and analyse the economic and social benefits of greening buildings;
  • to identify, share and transfer experiences and good practices and to develop joint policy tools and instruments related to innovative solutions for greening buildings, namely in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy;
  • to develop strategic guidelines and policy recommendations as an integrated toolkit for regional and local authorities, fostering greening buildings focused on retrofitting existing buildings;
  • to induce local/regional public authorities to act as "leading examples" introducing energy-efficient measures in public buildings;
  • to measure the environmental, economic and social impacts of greening buildings, through the construction of a system of indicators;
  • to develop a framework for green buildings in green public procurement policies oriented to contribute to the current EU revision;
  • to improve regional/local policies by introducing best practices into EU mainstream programmes in order to contribute towards fostering the competitiveness, sustainability and social cohesion of cities, regions and the EU as a whole.