RE-GREEN Results

The main outputs of the project are:

  • Self-assessment reports: Each partner region will produce a Self-Assessment Report centred on energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings.
  • Good practices guide: Each partner region will identify a set of good practices related to energy efficient and green buildings to be shared and transferred to other regions.
  • Regional/local implementation plans: Each partner region will produce a Regional Implementation Plan related to the integration of the lessons learnt during the cooperation process into its local/regional policies. These plans should be endorsed by public authorities.
  • Policy Recommendations: A Policy Recommendations document will be produced focused on greening the building sector through the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • System of Indicators on Green Buildings: A System of Indicators on Green Buildings will be developed in order to help regions in monitoring the implementation of the actions proposed in Regional Implementation Plans.
  • Public Investment and Procurement for Greener Buildings: Innovative Policy Tools in Green Public Investment and Procurement will be produced in order to induce local/regional public authorities to act as "leading examples" introducing energy-efficient measures in public buildings.

Main Results

 RE-GREEN System of Indicators
Public Investment and Procurement for Greener Buildings - a handbook for European decision-makers (only available through iTunes and through the iBook App)