Tartu Regional Energy Agency

Tartu Regional Energy Agency [ESTONIA]

Kalle Virkus
Address: Riia 181A
51014 - TARTU
Phone: (+37) 2 7635374
Fax: (+372) 7383041
Email: info@trea.ee
Website: www.trea.ee

Partner Description

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) has been established in 2009 by Tartu City Government and Tartu Science Park to implement efficient energy management methodologies and practices in Tartu region. The agency is focused on sustainable energy development and deals with the main issues of modern energy management: energy efficiency, efficient mobility and renewable energy resources. TREA is operating in an area with 90 municipalities (13 cities and 77 rural municipalities).

Tartu Regional Energy Agency will be playing a strategic role for developing the regional energy Agenda and giving impetus for change. It gathers the data about the region, analyzes it and provides the outputs for the relevant policymakers and other stakeholders. It also supports local stakeholders with independent and objective advices about local energy management issues. Moreover, the Agency has 5 full time experts in different fields of energy management.

Considering the overall mandate given to Tartu Regional Energy Agency then it is the most suitable regional partner for the project in the region. The experience of the Agency in the field of energy consumption in the housing sector and energy management in local municipalities will be important for the partnership. The partner will contribute to the content of the cooperation through the detailed analysis and summary of existing situation (the self-assessment report), the identification of good practices (good practices guide) to be shared, and the production of its Regional Implementation Plan. The activities of the project will benefit this partner because they are directly related to the strategic development objectives both of the Agency in particular and of the Tartu Region in general.