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University of Potsdam [GERMANY]

Torsten Lipp
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Partner Description

The University of Potsdam, formed in 1991, is Brandenburg's largest university. With numerous extramural institutes, Potsdam is known as one of the most densely settled research landscapes in Germany. More than 8,000 people are working in scholarship and science.

In light of constantly shrinking resources and climate change, the Institute for Earth and Environmental Sciences investigates the interdependency between the earth's interior and exterior as well as the climatic and biological processes in nature.

The rapid growth of Earth's population, multiple modern lifestyles, and global climate change cause unprecedented pressure on landscapes, natural resources, and ecosystems. The key challenge arising from this is to reconcile sustainable land use by safeguarding ecosystem services and meeting socio-economic requirements, and to elaborate acceptable land-management solutions for stakeholders and the public.

According to this background our working group landscape management is following the ideas of integrated assessment, linking quantitative and model-based information with more qualitative and normative approaches of decision-makers and stakeholders. We use diverse research methods, ranging from spatially explicit land use modeling, scenario and strategy development and Delphi techniques, to the systematic assessment of existing planning instruments. An important goal of our research is also the amelioration and adaptation of the established portfolio of methods used in practical landscape management and planning.