Toledo: INTELI presents best practices on green building policies

Last 30 and 31 October, INTELI (RE-GREEN Lead Partner) participated in the congress E2KW - Energy and Environment Knowledge Week that took place in Toledo, presenting a paper about best practices on green buildings’ policies developed under the RE-GREEN project. 

Designed to be an international multidisciplinary event to discuss and present cutting-edge research in energy and environment in all possible fields of study, it featured prestigious researchers and the collaboration of leading companies in the application of energy efficiency measures.

INTELI’s contribution to the debate was based on an in-depth analysis of the green building policies around the world, developed in order to assist policy-makers in their decision process. The research made by the Portuguese Think-Tank sought to achieve its objective by first reviewing green-based policies on buildings at International and European level, second by analysing 10 best practices of green building policies through a policy taxonomy, and third by introducing a comparative approach. In Toledo, it presented the main insights from the study in the form of findings and recommendations to greening the building sector towards green regions.

To read the presentation, please click here